Our Story

Our Story

The final touch after the diligent process of block printing

Having its strong foundation in the Pink city of India, Printroots functioned with a goal to perpetuate traditional hand block printing in the dynamic world. Honest to our name, we continuously exert to strengthen and evolve in the block printing traditions of Jaipur. Trough our products we want to express our emotions of being deeply rooted in the hand craft culture of India.

Our idea is to create thoughtful designs and to develop timeless and modern pieces using quality materials. From home furnishing, fabrics and apparel, we provide continue a varied range of products that are handmade, ecologically safe and mindfully developed. We strive to provide the comfort in goodness of the fabrics and take pride in celebrating the perfection in imperfection of hand work.

We firmly believe in building a global community of mindful consumers that understand the richness and traditions of hand block printing. Our block makers and block printers with their great expertise remain a vital part of our team.

The perspective of the brand is to encourage and promote hand block print craft of Jaipur to global youth audience. We prospect to create a community of cognizant consumers who find interest in Indian heritage and rich culture.

Printroots aims at providing ethical engagement to the local block print artisans and provide a platform to promote their skillset globally. We understand the need to save our economy and planet and thus we exert to build products that are handcrafted and sustainably sourced & produced. We strive to create hard worked pieces that are relevant to the modern global consumers.


We wish to offer simple but not ordinary handmade timeless pieces that captivates your closet and homes. The brand believes in preserving the essence of traditional block print in contemporary sensibilities. We offer an array of prints inspired from things around us in a variety of fabrics.


Our thoughts are clear and simple- to ensure sustainable development. We strongly believe in coexistence of people and planet with proft. Thus, we strictly follow sustainable values by incorporating ethical functioning of the organisation with eco friendly means of production. We want to bring you the products that are in harmony with Mother Earth. Hence, our products are mindfully and skilfully crafed with human hands. The product makers are provided with good working conditions, fair pay and transparency.

We locally source eco friendly fabrics & materials and aim at being #VocalforLocal. As a brand, we strive to become responsibly mindful and believe that the collaborative efforts of producers and consumers can save the planet. At Printroots, we put major emphasis on sourcing the fabrics locally. Most of our fabrics are obtained from local suppliers of Jaipur. 100% Cotton and variety of cotton fabrics are extensively used for our products. Along with that, we also explore with variety of silks and Chanderi fabrics.


Originating from the heart of block printing, we largely explore and cater in hand block prints of Jaipur and places nearby. The detailed and exquisite form of Sanganeri print, Dabu print, Bagru print and Jahota print dominates our print collection. We also try to experiment with several other printing techniques of India.


    Dabu print is a traditional ‘mud-resist’ printing technique of Bagru. Traditionally made with natural dyes of Indigo and Kashish, Dabu print can be identifed with amplifed nature inspired motifs. Peacock, sunfower, cornstalks, mango booti and animal fgures are some of the commonly popular motifs of this print. The printing technique involves several stages of dyeing and displays unique depth and beauty


    Print originated from the small town of Rajasthan (Bagru). Featured with unique hand block art followed by natural colors. These art are mainly crafted with the help of wooden blocks over plain cotton fabric. Various motifs such as Aath Kaliya, Chopard, and Kamal are some designs that make Bagru print a different one. Although it is ecofriendly and preferable to print for years.


    Originating from Sanganer, a village in southern parts of Jaipur, the Sanganeri print gained popularity because of its intricate floral detailing and varied color palette. The print can be identified with its small floral and geometric patterns. Finesse in the structure of blocks makes the print unique. The Sanganeri print has been given the Geographical Indication (GI) tag by the Government of India.