Our Journey

Our Journey

  • Hand Carved

    All tales are kindled by passion, and ours is a tale like no other. At The Printroots our products are assembled with the utmost of intricacy. Be it a tale of Spring, an ode to Autumn or the floral slumber of Winter, our designs are conceived from the fabric of nature and the landscape of Rajasthan. The tumultuous art of crafting the patterns starts with printing the designs onto paper which is then transferred to a tracing sheet and so begins a process that is time immemorial. The patterns are traced onto blocks of sycamore, plane and pear wood, ideal for carving. The wood blocks are oiled and sanded before the craftsman carefully chip away at the block with the help of chisels and hammers, leaving behind the desired design for the stamp. As the rekh (outline) and datta (shape) begin to take form, you can witness the elaborate practice of hand block carving come to life with a flicker of timeless heritage and artisanal charm.

  • Hand Block Printed

    Like a custom passed down through generations of printers, the carved blocks are assumed by printing dyes and inky colours. Our fabrics are treated and prepared to be infused with the varying colours of Rajasthan. The fabric is laid flat on a table, and fixed firmly with pins. A special wood table is used for block printing, which is usually 6 meters in length, by 50 inches wide and has at least 10 layers of jute fabric, a blanket layer and a thick cotton sheet on the top that is tightly tucked in from all sides. All of these layers help the block print to properly absorb and print onto the fabric. Once the colors are mixed, the master block printer pours the dyes onto a rolling dye tray built with layers of gauze. The block is then dipped in dye and stamped firmly by hand onto the fabric. If the design incorporates multiple colors, then each is applied separately with its own block, starting with the outline until it creates a seamless pattern. The amount of colour in a design adds to the arduous techniques of the process and our products are known to be crafted with a spectrum of hues, from Sanganer, to Bagru, to Jahota.

  • Hand Stitched

    Our hand block printed fabrics are crafted into products for your homes with seamless ease. The arduous process of adorning cotton textiles come full circle with the construction of hand stitched quilts. Layers of corded cotton fabrics are assembled together to create the traditional quilts of Rajasthan, from Dohars to Jaipuri Razai, where our master artisans meticulously fabricate the product with painstaking techniques of quilting with traditionally hand done stitches. And when you bring home a duvet or a comforter from us, you get to witness the ageless crafts and celebrate the merit behind the products, while reveling in the comfort of luxury.