by The Printroots

When you support local businesses, you support many little dreams. The world is facing uncertain times. Since the coronavirus outbreak began in China in December 2019, its impact has been felt across globally. It has affected the economy, hitting every sector from finance to hospitality. The devastating impact of the virus has decimated the fashion industry, leaving businesses exposed across the board. All the pre- planned strategies of people has become vague and everybody is facing hardships. However, if we try to look at these crucial times with positivity, it has provided us with a time to rethink and reshape the pattern of our activities and choices.

If we really want to create a difference and sustain in these times, we need to improve human well being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities of every activity we do. It is high time that we support people who are drastically affected by the crisis. We need to start promoting hand crafts and uplift the local artisans in order to sustain our economy. Concerning this, Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi made an appeal to the country for attaining ‘self-reliance’. The purpose of achieving Athmanirbharta is to revive the Indian economy during and after the Covid pandemic. It emphasises on promoting local brands and local supply chains.

One such sector in India that urgently needs support from a large audience is handicraft sector. Every person who is dependent on his hand skills for his livelihood requires support. Printroots is providing such platform to the local block makers, dyers and printers from where they can support their livelihoods. We urge people to kindly support local brands that are directly working with small communities and help them in growing.