Leather Sling Bags: A Woman's Must-Have accessory

by The Printroots

Every outing is incomplete without having the right choice of bags that goes well with the outfit. In the market of handbags, slings are now famous for their exclusive designs and handy structure. In the haul of sling bags, printroot introduces a comprehensive new collection of leather sling bags elegantly designed with contemporary designs and vintage touch. We all know that sling bags now take priority over old tote or bulky bags that somehow go out of fashion.

Why are leather sling bags becoming an essential part of women's accessories?

Leather bags are something that no one denies, no matter what is their age they would love to have leather bags on their sides. Let's have a look at some points that makes you fall in love with them.

Eternal styles

Style is what every woman prefers to look elegant whenever they purchase or look for a bag. Today, it is essential for every beauty Bella to have the perfect outfit and sling bag to set a style statement. You can adjust the sling bag according to your needs as it comes in versatile designs and portable handy slings. Eternal designs with adaptable patterns give you the confidence to move like a free soul.

Dimensions and Usability

The utility and durability of the slings bags is another such parameter that is needed the most. Whenever a woman buys a bag, she checks if the bag is big enough to hold the necessary thing that she needs to keep close to her. These sling bags are perfect to go out with all your needy accessories that are stylish and elegant at the same time.


How can women resist ourselves to check up on the prices? Off course not, so another best part of these leather slings bags is their affordable pricing. There is no denying that leather sling bags are expensive, but at printroots, you can find a wide variety of printed and plain leather bags at an affordable price.

What printroots offers you in the range of leather slings bags?

Here is the first drop of the exclusive collection of printroots, curated with intrinsic handprinted art over the delicate fabric. We sorted some most loved leather sling bags from printroots of all time. Let's have a glance at it more firmly :

Homeland Hand Block Printed Leather Sling Bag

This handy bag can hold all your essentials and is portable enough to take anywhere. It could be the perfect companion for every weather, summertime, or chill winter outing. Highly spacious and elegant, if you are looking for a handbag to step out with your casual to occasion outfit, this could be perfect to opt for this purpose.

Sea Kissed Hand Block Printed Leather Sling Bag

The exotic skyline swaying with the beautiful hand painting over the leather bag is just beyond the thinking. This trend-setting leather sling bag is what every woman wants by their side. This bag is handcrafted using ancient techniques to enhance your style statement with a spacious compartment.

New Dawn Hand Block Printed Leather Sling Bag

This dark brown color leather sling bag is something,  which is classy, be it a weekday or weekend entity as per your preference. The hand-block printed design with envelope-style closure and adjustable straps make it perfect for women of all ages. A wide range of variety and color options will make you fall in love with these leather sling bags.

Autumn Leave s Hand Block Printed Pine Wood Leather Sling Bag

With antique design and metallic finishing is a treasure for all your necessary possessions to carry by your side. Weekend outing essentials to handle your daily care products with ease. The warm beige floral designs on the cotton fabric would be elegant enough to compliment your style.

Forest Fire Hand Block Printed Leather Sling Bag

With this leather sling bag in forest fire print, you'll firmly establish your style. It comes with spacious pockets and compartments that will make your daily essentials easy to carry.