Jahota Print Fabric - The Surreal Craft Of Aesthetic Prints

by The Printroots

At printroots, we always intended to deliver the uncover heritage of Indian textile to every home and let them feel the ethnicity firmly. We feel prosperous to add the intricate indian hand craftsmanship to our collection and this time we are introducing you to our new fabric print that is Jahota prints . Jahota print is finely crafted with the amalgamation of syahi-begar and dabu print which reflects the cultural aspects of Rajasthan in a more appealing way.

Origin Of Jahota

Jahota is a small town near the Jaipur district, 30 km away from the north. The Maharaja Jai Singh and his wife flourished the Jahota print fabric under their advocacy with the delicateness and authentic Indian textile.

Although there is still not much formal documentation on why this Jahota print originated in the village or whether it migrated from bagru print or original craft. Today the Jahota is simply acknowledged as the blending craft of dabu and syahi-begar print.

The Signature Print Of Syahi-Begar And Dabu Craft

On the morning of some 450 years ago, an indigo print was added to the bagru craft to enhance the color texture more vibrantly. The shayi-begar and dabu print are two different prints that combinely fabricated over cotton fabric to form Jahota craft.


Heritage art of syahi-begar print

The small town of Bagru is recognized for the artistic hand block printing practiced from the early medieval period. Bagru prints, syahi- begar print, dabu print, Jahota craft are the most prominent form of block printing that is highly recognized for their graceful and bewitching appearance.

Syahi begar is a contemporary style of hand block print fabric  from the bagru. They are typically crafted from the bleaching and cleaning  process, to emulsify the impurities and oil from the fabric after washing.

The fabric is treated with harda and dyed with the syahi is a mixture of jaggery, horseshoe, and water in an equal proportion. This fabric is further colored with the Begar which is a red color dye that is prepared by mixing resin, aum, and mudder from the babul tree. Afterward, the floral and geometric patterns are crafted by the different paste with the help of wooden blocks to give the fabric an appealing appearance.


The scrupulous art of dabu print.

By following the syahi-begar print, afterward, the fabric is dyed with vintage dabu print. For the authentic dabu print, the fabric is colored with indigo twice or thrice, to get the different hues on the fabric. The final color pattern you get in the last is somehow red or brown against the off-white background with carnation designs and delta strips. This is carefully crafted with hand block print via dye resistance paste mud paste called dabu.

This fabric is then dusted and dried in the sunlight to get the actual exposure and then it is dyed with indigo color and the surreal hand block printing is crafted at last.

The comfort of ancient and modern craft at your home.

When nature and human skills worked together they formed a daydreamed-like printing that is Jahota print fabric. The final piece of art of Jahota is curated with highly skilled artisans to give the fabric the final touch.

This is an extremely delicate piece of art that is perfect for every season and dried in the sunlight and wind easily. This Jahota technique of printing is curated with extra care to give the fabric a comfy touch.


At Printroots you can get a dynamic collection of printed Jahota fabric with an aesthetic feel. Commemorate these fabrics at your home and create your own stories.