Flare Of Mughal Prints In The Modern Era

by The Printroots

Mughal Prints, The royalty in its name. Mughal architecture is enlightened by the Indo-Islamic and invented by the Mughals in the 16th century. Akbar, Jahangir, and Shahjahan were the three emperors who are highly known for this royal workshop and artisans. Artists and craftsmen from the northern regions of the Indian subcontinent worked with Iranian masters in the masculine environment of royal workshops. They combined their very different traditions to produce a new, rapidly evolving style of art for the court.

Mughal Textiles- An Exemplary Art Of Hand Block Prints.
Mughal prints are recognizable for their richness, class, and heritage strands. Every piece of fabric is highly delicate and gives you the essence of the refined Mughal era, which is highly cultivated in the domination of specialized artisans who have the vivacious knowledge of hand block prints.

With time, beautiful floral designs are added to the Mughal prints which beautify the hand block prints. Although till today it is refined with more new patterns and motifs that signify the royal essence.

Mughal prints are the most preferred prints by the artisans that are used in the designing of kurtas to home furnishing accessories.

Creation Of Mughal Prints
Mughal prints are created with the help of winsome miniatures which are used to design over the fabric. Mughal print is formerly crafted over the cotton fabric and invented in the late 16th century. Although in the Mughal prints, opaque colors are used with the powder pigment and water that is the bounty with the gum fabric.

Mughal prints are such palpable art that needs a team of artisans where one of the group works on the composition and the other one focuses on the detailing of each part of the fabric. Followed by the extensive heat and pressure, the colors get their depth and come up more beautifully.

The bewitching arrangement of beautiful colors is extracted from the natural way. The orange color is made from the mineral mercury, the blue color is extracted from the mine of lapis lazuli of Afghanistan, the yellow color is arsenic-based pigment, white chalk-based powder and the green one is the blend of yellow and orange color. Although in the Mughal printing every color has its value and origin that combined makes the Mughal print, a regal one.

Revival Of Mughal Textile With Modern Motifs
Mughal prints are revised and evolved with experiments and more improvement day by day that adds more meaning to them. The Mughal prints are a highly versatile fabric that is perfect for your normal day out to occasional meets.

Our new fashion designers are taking the advantage of Mughal print and fabric and doing experiments with them. It can be used in the saree, Indo western outfit, kurta, dress, or quilts that are reliable for every season.

Easter air Collection of The  Printroots  

Printroots knows what the modern era needs, that is why it has come up with the traditional heritage of Mughal prints in the voguish motifs with its new collection easter air.  Here you can see myriad patterns and prints which are beautifully crafted over the cotton fabric. Neel Bagh hand block print, ether cotton hand block, lyrical lanes, teardrop cotton hand block, skyline blossom, and many more are there in the easter air collection. 

And hence, you can get the delicacy of contemporary and traditional craft over the Mughal fabric at once. 

Sum up
The Printroots is ready to flourish it's Mughal print in the easter air collection which is full of beautiful colors and patterns. Elevates your traditional wardrobe with Printroots’s exemplary Mughal collection to spread more serenity around you.