Cotton Fabric: A Fusion Of Style, Comfort, And Tranquility

by The Printroots

A fabric which is loved worldwide, in every season to every occasion, cotton fabric! Its cool, breezy, and flawless fabric creates a different fanbase for it. Purely organic and pristine that medley is divine with the timeless harmony of piousness and contentment.

There is no perfect weather for wearing cotton or everything is just incomplete without donning cotton. Donning cotton clothes is special and comfy on its own. With the thought of bringing this comfort of cotton to its customers, it is added to the wardrobe with beautiful motifs and designs.

What is actually a cotton Fabric?

Cotton fabric is one such fabric that is widely used, not only in India but the foreign countries loved it a lot. It is an extremely versatile fabric in order to create a durable fabric to comfortable cloth. The best part of cotton fabric is its high moisture absorbing capacity keeps you cool every time you wear it. Although there are different kinds of cotton fabrics available in the market they are Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, and short-staple cotton.

The history behind the origin of cotton fabric

In the early 5th century, the production of raw cotton fabric was initialized in India. Along with that a tool cotton gin was designed by the Indians to separate out the fluff from the seed which is a mandatory process in cotton fabric manufacturing. As the techniques such as spinning jenny and frames led the phase of the industrial revolution in the market which took cotton manufacturing to another level.

In the late 16th century, this came into existence because the cotton fabric is so delicate that it can easily tear for use after 16 hours.  Therefore during the civil war, India was the only supplier of cotton that took the Indian tactile to the foreign countries as well.

Cotton somehow creates a long-lasting embark on the wearer and gives a new identity to the Indian artist and breakout as the most used fabric till now.

What makes cotton special?

There is no doubt that cotton is special in itself that every human knows but apart from that there are some characteristics of the cotton which put it in a different jar. So without wasting a single second let's deep dive into some special features of cotton.

 - Highly breathable and non static

The internal fiber structure of cotton makes it adaptable to the fabric and it is a nonconductor of heat and electricity that doesn't possess any problems to you.

 - Absorbent

Due to its high absorbing formula, it keeps you cool and fresh every time and creates room for the other fibers as well.

 - Softness

Softness is just a synonym for cotton because it's easily moldable to any structure and a perfect fit for every season.

 - Durability

The structure of cotton is highly stimulated and strong which makes it tear-resistant

 - Dye

Cotton has a high absorbing capacity that helps it to blend with other dyes and colors perfectly.

Modern age innovation of the cotton fabric

With time, cotton is not settled for limited things. It evolved itself and created a new room for business opportunities. With the increasing demand for cotton, the business is more focused on manufacturing organic cotton fabric with less chemical usage.

Prints or no prints everything is accepted when it comes to cotton fabric. Shirts, sarees, kurtas for palazzo,  everything is now in demand in the fabric of cotton with the high ease.

How to care for cotton fabric?

Cotton needs to handle extreme care and love more than any other fabric. You must use cold water(30°C or less) which can be easily washable with hands or a machine. After washing all you have to do is give a gentle stretch to the fabric so it regains its original shape and size. Apart from that, the cotton must be dried in the air and out of the reach of direct sun rays.


We, printroots, love to manufacture what our customers want to wear. This easy-breezy cool cotton fabric is good for you on sunny days to the cold shivering. No matter what your age or size, cotton is perfect for every skin type for every occasion. At printroots, we have a vivid collection of printed to plain cotton fabric that you will surely love to purchase.