Chronicles Of The Traditional Sanganeri Prints

by The Printroots

A part of more than 20, 000 lives, Sanganeri prints. Intricate designs and fine lines are enough to make it appealing for every soul. We all love prints, and more than that hand block prints are superior, which is our heritage from some 5 centuries ago.


An Unfold Chapter Of Sanganeri Print

Jaipur is a town that nourishes old values, heritage and is famous for its diverse cultural forms. Sanganeri print is one such print that is connected with the people for 100 years. Sanganer is a small town situated a few kilometers away from the old Jaipur which was established in the 16th century by the king of Mewar, Maharaja Rajput  Raja Rana Sanga. With the passage of time. It grew as a printing center of India due to its enrichment of intricate detailing of hand block printing. When it comes to the history of Sanganeri prints, it has been there for 300 years, and witness of the Jaipur establishment.

Whenever some special occasion was held there, a special outfit was sent to the Sanganer for printing. The Sanganeri print gained fame during the British reign and with increasing popularity, Sir George Watts wrote that the Sanganer is the capital of hand-block print. 

Chippa community was the major limelight holder who crafted the Sanganeri print from the very early stage to now. Although, the Raja Man Singh. Handover this land(Sanganer) to the Chippa community. This art is passed from one generation to another and they are taking it as a heritage.


Absolute Creation Of Sanganeri Print

Art started with the wooden hand blocks. Sanganeri print is about the intricate detailing with the fine line texture over the cotton fabric. Our artisans use Sheesham, Sagwan and Rohida wood carved with floral and geometrical designs and the finely ready blocks sent to the printer. 

The very first thing the printer does is, dipped the fabric into the water for 3 days to clear the dust and impurities of the fabric . After this process, cloth is being dried in the sun for the whole day. Afterward, the printer spread the cloth over a wide table which is mainly used for the printing process. Then, According to the design and requirement printing will start on the fabric with different colors and the blocks are pressed over the thick clothes and kept in Tari. Although the designs are imprinted over the clothing with the help of blocks with equal force(no less, no more ) that makes the dye stays longer.

Whereas Azo free dyes and colors are the other main reason for this solid and long-lasting color. The cost increases along with the amount of color making. This was beautifully crafted with the help of three blocks that are: first is  Gadd, secondly rekh is used for the outlines, and Datta is applied lastly. All these blocks are placed in such a manner that all the block prints come in one place. 

After the printing, the cloth is dried in the sun and washed with normal water.Then, it goes in the press unit for proper folding.And, the cloth is ready to move in the market. The overall process is eco-friendly and natural which makes it worldwide famous in countries like Europe, America, England, Japan, France, and many more.

The Printroots

Printroots is rolled out with the new collection of hand block print, the Sanganeri print. Every print is crafted with a 100% eco-friendly process and natural colors. The major aim of The Printroots is to promote the Indian oldest heritage art of hand block print and deliver the classiness of Sanganeri print to every home. Let's check out some of the beautiful prints from the ensemble of Printroots. 

Marigold Prairies Sapphire Cotton Hand Block Printed Fabric

The glorious sunshine marigold print over the sapphire shade cotton fabric is crafted with natural color which is perfect for the summer season. 

Springtide Roses Cotton Hand Block Printed Fabric

With the freshness of roses, this print is curated. Muddy brown color cotton is perfectly simulated with red color Handblock art. 

Sunkissed Bloom Teal Hand Block Printed Fabric

Sunkissed bloom floral hand block print is crafted over the green color cotton fabric. Although it looks classy enough at glance.

Chiming Skies Acid Cotton Hand Block Printed Fabric

Enjoy the new print that is filled with serenity and grace. Twirl the basics that are in your wardrobe and have a look at this masterpiece.

Winding Away Blue Cotton Hand Block Printed Fabric 

The wavy patterns crafted with a blue hue make the fabric more fascinating. Class and grace are all summed up in one. 

To sum up

Having the Sanganeri print in our wardrobe is like the essence of elegance. Nothing can beat the elegance of Sanganeri which has been here for years. Simple, pristine, and fine detailing over the cotton fabric is ready to Furbish your abode.